Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miss Vanessa is ready....

New nest opens tomorrow at 63 Ashley street Rangiora.

3 days of vintage treasure!!!

Look for Daisy Boo (our little Austin 1300) at the gate!!

Happiness is seeing all you lovely sweet-peas soon!!!!!!!!


  1. Ooooo,you're both looking EVER so dapper!
    I'm all frocked up and ready to go......coming out after work finishes at 11am!YAY!xxx

  2. It's 6pm on Thursday here ... 11am on Friday for you! Am thinking of you and hoping that you have a huge crowd for your grand opening.

    A x

  3. best wishes for your grand opening and nothing but happy days ahead x

  4. I wish I could be there Make sure you give Helga a huge hug for me.xx

  5. Looks amazing so wish i could come visit your of luck to you two!!

    Leah X

  6. So glad I found you on here. Your shops were my favourite places to visit in the old Christchurch and were a part of what made it a place I loved and miss so much! It is wonderful to see you are up and running in a new nest :) All the best to you and yours and I hope one day I make it out that way and am able to pop in and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and all your treasures.

    Melanie Grace x