Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daisy dress for ride in daisy-boo

Hi sweet-peas
Sorry I was not feeling so good yesterday, I had a big fall on Sunday morning, my knees and elbows are bruised and grazed. I am such a ninny!
So to make me feel better today I am wearing the cute we dress I brought at a market. Oh so 70's, I love pinafore dresses. The small floral print and the polka dots in a peasant style just perfect. Just hope I'm not to old for it.
Wearing the knit hat the lovely Shirley from "The Barn on Giles" gave me. They open in a few weeks, check out there blog for details.
Sorry looking tired, hard to sleep when you are pretty sore. Love V


  1. Wow you go from 50s to 70s with such graceful ease! Love that dress! It is such a familiar colour scheme! Great daisy on it! x

  2. Hi Vanessa
    just found your blog! I used to come into your shop whenever I was in town and was always on the hunt for 50's style dresses! I used to work in a gift shop in Heathcote called Blackbird and would always tell people to come and see you guys for the most wonderful vintage gear in town. so sad that your stores was so badly broken :( I did notice that you are possibly selling stuff from home? is this true (hopefully!) and what days are you open there? would love to come for a fossick and a wee spend up!

  3. O,sweetie,bummer about having a fall.I hope you had a nice tipple to relax yourself after!
    Love this darling pinafore!! Never too old,hon,never too old! I'd rather be dead in a ditch before than let that old one stop me from frocking up!