Sunday, September 18, 2011

Washing at work

One of the new novelties of working in your backyard is that you can hang out the washing between customers.
Lines of beautiful vintage scarves in the wind so pretty.
Another sunny day, lovely to wear a 50's cotton day dress. I love this one but have decided she is ready to find a new home. So after a turn on the clothes line she will be in the shop next weekend. Love V


  1. Ooh this one is beautiful! What are its measurements?

  2. Prior to reading this post I looked at the picture and thought, I wish I could have that dress!!

  3. O,eek I love that frock!
    If it's a 42 bust,I wanna beat Georgia Rose to it!!! Looks just like what I want for Summer!!!
    Ha,this could be a great way to get us out more often,just post yourself looking gorge in frocks for sale!!

  4. Hey Georgia she is a good size 14, should be 36inch bust, 32 inch wasit, and free fit for the hips. Will be in the nest on Friday if you want to try her on. V

  5. Look how pretty! :)

    (And I agree with Annette - very good way to sell your dresses) ;)

  6. Ahhhh it would fit me too... might have to pop out on Friday if I can find the time between essays!