Rewind to Saturday

Sorry sweet-peas this was meant to be last nights post. But it was a late night, my kid brother was down from Auckland. I haven't seen him for two years.
Anyhow this was Saturday's outfit. A lovely teal blue 50's dress with white flocking(so have to watch when you say that fast).
Oh so happy to find at last the most beautiful bird brooch(Tui) made by the amazing Katy. This is the said present that went to another dimension and nearly sent me to a crazy land trying to find it.
Katy makes the most treasured felt yummies, I am so lucky to be the very proud owner of so much of her work. Please click on her name to see her site.
Hmmm going to be on the back foot as have other Saturday pics to show you, we will have to pretend Saturday was Sunday and Monday! Love V

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