Thursday, July 14, 2011

Angel dress

These images have been sent to us today from Maureen from The Vault.
Sad sad day!!!!!
Two squirrels in the Cashel Mall is now gone, inside our wonderful treasures are now dust and rubble.
The Vault was being taken down today also and out of all this sadness, from the display cabinets there, this beautiful dress that was ours has been saved!!
"Angel Dress"


  1. Oh Vanessa that is so sad I am so sorry how awful and I am sure you keep rememberinb things that were in there.I am so pleased you have something saved Will you always keep the Angel dress now?I hope so.

  2. :( I feel so sad.... I can't believe beautiful Shands Emporium is gone...

    I hope you keep the Angel Dress forever more! <3

  3. How sad, but what an amazing picture - I think it symbolises the way you will bring something beautiful out of the rubble and sadness.

  4. Hey Sweet it's Two Squirrels in the Cashel Mall that is gone. Tete A Tete vintage in the Shands Emporium is still standing, just with half it missing and a big hole in the side. Yip pretty sad all around.

  5. I'm sure you both have wonderful memories of this lovely old building...........