Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We have the most wonderful lemon tree, they are so yummy.
After the poor old tree being loaded with snow, I decided to pick this wonderful basket of goodness.


  1. I adore lemons! Our lemon tree was a housewarming gift 11 years ago,and it's still struggling-what's your secret?!
    I've put the opening date on my calendar,thank you for coming back with that info.And thank you for your lovely words!I'll be at that opening with a smile on my dial!!
    I do hope you're both doing ok,the rose is a lovely tribute to pussy.

  2. Oh Helga you aren't going to believe this, but the lemon tree may never be the same!!!!
    We think the reason it has been fabulous is that it was Morgans poo patch. That's where she always went. That may be my last great harvest!!! V

  3. that is an impressive haul! we get very few tiny ones from ours :(