Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More in the nest photo's

So after all the happiness of playing in the snow yesterday and then sitting by the fire watching DVD's. We had to be good squirrels and work on the nest today.
This is me about to pop out to look at hooks for the dressing room.
I'm not sure if I have talked about this coat before??? I brought it at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $1. It was pretty dirty but to good to leave. Price & quality. Well with a good hand wash and a few repairs(still needs a button) here she is. Love that old English look today, just need a corgie doggy.Spiffing!


  1. Ohh, ohh, ohh...........3rd photo.....is that an Astrikaan chocolate coat with fur colour behing you??? It looks exactly like one I wore to a wedding recently (in the Mount). It belongs to my late nana and my mum has had it in her wardrobe for many years!! When I put my hand in the pocket not only did I find one of Nana's ironed and folded hankies but also a receipt for the gorgeous coat! $99.50, but not sure what year she would have bought it!!! Absolutely gorgeous x

  2. How jolly spiffing!!! A corgi indeed would be splendid! It's a fine coat,a bit of TLC'll sort her out for sure!
    Love that carpet.......
    When's opening day,love? Will there be a little party?!

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely story about your nanna's coat, onedenimbird. That's vintage, love in the pockets. Oh makes my heart sing!!!!
    Good eye, it is the most beautiful astrakhan jacket.

  4. Oh happy happy fun times to come Helga!!!
    2nd of September!!!!
    The nest will be open.
    We are going to make the opening very festive.
    Busting at the seams to see all you sweetpeas!!!!

  5. OMG! I was so hyper-ventilating over that gorgeous coat I didnt even spell properly!! My nana's comes down to calf length. It fits me perfect!! I've put first "dibs" on it for when it gets passed onto the next generation!!! LOL I'm guessing I'm a worthy contender being the oldest grand-daughter and all!!! I love reading your posts and checking out your daily attire!!

  6. Ooooh, I just found your blog and I'm so happy! You were very much in my thoughts after the quake as popping into Two Squirrels and Tete A Tete has always been a highlight during my visits to Christchurch. So glad to see you're well and reviving your gorgeous passion for vintage in another store. Can't wait to visit next time I'm in the garden city. xo