Monday, July 18, 2011


Today our wee pussy Morgan became a pussy with wings, she has gone to pussycat heaven.
I have had her for 17years and 5months, she has had a wonderful life and has been a wonderful furry friend, I will miss her so so much.
We are both so heartbroken!
I will be back in a few days sweetpeas, many tears and tissues to use. Love V


  1. Sorry to hear V :( I've lost 3 cats so I know how it is! Can't say I've ever had one as long as 17 years though, she must've been a real member of the fam :( x

  2. I'm so sad for you.We lost our boy last year'I still miss him.They are such special little babies...many,many hugs and consoling kisses.

  3. So sorry to hear that news, loves to you and dream cuddles with the friendpussX X