Sad cat!

Ok sweetpeas this is an update on the shops and our situation. Sorry we have been avoiding doing this as it is sad,
Time is ticking by and we have had people asking.
- red zone for both shops, it maybe 4-6 weeks before we know if we can get access, unfortunately it is looking like we may not have an opportunity to get in and save some of the treasures.
-both buildings have major damage, 2 squirrels may have to be demolished and tete a tete will probably need to be made safe before entry, we don't know the state of the stock.
- we have a small amount of stock at home.(not enough to start new shop)
-the car is trapped behind the building, both set of keys in shop.
-all records, cheque book, cash in till, jewellery, Hannahs birthday present, my glasses, MY MAKEUP BAG,and many other things are trapped in Tete a Tete vintage and Two squirrels!
The waiting is just horrible, these fab wee spaces and thing we love doing are just hanging in space.
We just want get in and rescue our treasure!!!
So we are sad cats(squirrels) with no jobs.
Maybe going a-little crazy!

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