Tuesday, March 22, 2011

50's frock.

This is the most beautiful dress, it was in the shop for about a year, she just didn't find someone to take her home. I put the bakelite buckle on and changed the cut of the collar, now she is my wee treasure.
It's lovely as I can dress her up for a night out or down for day wear.
Last night I had short cotton gloves, a patent leather long clutch,
Black stockings and heels. Lovely!


  1. Darlink, you are ravishing. I so hope you are both ok. Have been thinking heaps about you. Knew you were both safe from Kate, but it is wonderful to see that you are approaching this with your usual gallantry and joie de vivre. Love from us all. Kisses. Lizzie, Ciaran & Bobbin (who was just the other day wearing her kitten dress).