Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last photo taken in Tete a Tete vintage

This was one of the most beautiful hats, it is sadly now sitting in a hat box in the shop, I hope not squished.
I am finding it hard to not cry over the thought of never seeing the wonderful treasures in our wee shop again.


  1. Hey we are so glad to see that you are safe!! I'm trying to type an 'appropriate' something to say but I don't have words - take care of yourselves, thinking of you, lots of love, Libi and Ronny xx

  2. Hello,

    I was at your shop in Hereford St in January i spoke to the LOVELY lady in there she gave me an old NZ Penny and asked me to keep safe, what a memory i have of that day and have often wondered how she is so i am glad to hear this is the new shop I did not get her name but it was Jan 2011 any feed back would be great