Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wonderfully Round & Round........

I do love a good string of
'French Jet Beads'
so can you imagine my excitement
when we found these.....

They are so fantastically long.....

On me that means they are shin length!!!!
248cm of beautiful glass beads,
that you can wear long
or knotted......
or wonderfully wrapped 
round &
& round & round & round & 
round your neck.

Now featured on
with all the squirrels other
vintage treasures.



  1. The beads are gorgeous but they look best on you, how can you part with them? You look adorable in that frock to by the way.

    1. Oh Sue you are always so lovely......thank you.......hmmm this little squirrel would love to keep the beads unfortunately the squirrels HQ rent is due so off they must go....I hope.
      Sending much happiness to you.....Vanessa