Time to re-do the 'Squirrel HQ'.........

We have been busy looking at the calendar and are
very excited to give all you lovely 
squirrel followers.
'Play Dates'

First up we are going to have a 
fun little stall at the 
Blueskin Bay Market.
5th of March.

Then the big reveal.....
The 'Squirrels HQ'
complete Re-do.

Today we started to pull apart the studio
space, sorting treasures and getting out
some of the fabulous vintage
bits we have had squirrelled away.

We plan to open for 
three days at the start 
of the fabulous
Dunedin Fashion ID Week!

Exciting things planned!
more details will follow.....

Other play-dates will be 

Easter Bunny Squirrels
and little fall squirrels
Autumn Festival

We have a link to all
the dates....

We would love to see you,
pencil us in.

Vanessa & Warren

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