Friday, November 20, 2015

What comes first.......????

The chicken or the egg?????

In the case of our newest family members at
St Biddies....that would definitely be the

On Tuesday we went and bought three
little brown hens.....
(Names to come)

We were told they would be about 3weeks away from
laying........but this morning we got our very 
first egg!!!!!

So simple....
So precious...

Oh so excited......

Vanessa & Warren

Mr Trouser......only slightly amused.....


  1. Oh, how cool! Are they brown shavers? Hope you have many delightful chookie hours together - they really are neat, sociable birds.

    1. Yes yes octopusgrrl.......they are brown shavers.......oh my goodness it's so easy to sit and watch them for so long...thank you for your comment. Best wishes Vanessa

  2. Chickens are the best pets to have and you will spend many an hour enjoying them. I have10 girls and they are all very different, very much like their name sakes too. Have fun and enjoy the delights of daily eggs.

    1. Thank you you so much Sue......they really are fabulous, we are starting to see the pecking order and the different personalities. Having ten must be so much fun. Sending much happiness to you. Vanessa

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