Thursday, November 5, 2015

To you we say...............THANK YOU..........

Today marks the start of an amazing adventure 
we begun 10 years ago.
On the 5th of November 2005 
Warren and I bought a little shop at the top of the 
stairs in Hereford street Christchurch.
Tete a Tete Vintage.

Hand on heart we have had joy, laughter and happiness.....

We have had the pleasure of amazing pieces of history pass through 
our hands.......beautiful vintage treasures stamped with the 
energy of time.
We have been invited into peoples lives as buyers, sellers and as
Woven in the tapestry that is the legacy 
of doing something we are incredibly passionate about.

So we raise a glass and toast 

TO YOU.....

the people who have been with us......

Thank you

Vanessa & Warren


  1. Happy Anniversary both of you :-) Heres to the next 10 years and more. Beautiful photo's. dee x

  2. Here's to you two :) A lovely, hard working and brave couple of squirrels x

  3. These photos are beautiful and congrats on doing something you love for 10 years xo

    1. Thank you so much are so lovely.........happiness to you......Vanessa