Oh my gosh………hello lovely sweet-peas.
You may have thought I had run away and joined the circus as a traveling squirrel act or something……….
Nope I have just been so busy my life has felt like a circus.
My squirrel act would be juggling nuts I think or would that be nutty juggling……snigger.

Christmas has come to Two Squirrels Vintage with the decorations up and a lovely window display to celebrate the season. Check out our Facebook page to see the window sparkling at night. The lovely Jill from the service centre over the road especially took them for us, thank you sweet.
We have so many gorgeous vintage treasures in at the moment, its so very exciting with lots of new stock.

On the home front St Biddies garden has gone crazy and I am sorry to say we have that 'abandoned house' overgrown look going on………..at least the roses are beautiful.

Right lots of washing and ironing to do before Thursday.

We have posted the Christmas hours on the side bar just click the Elf.

Happiness to you…..

Love V

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