Monday, December 9, 2013


Oh my gosh………hello lovely sweet-peas.
You may have thought I had run away and joined the circus as a traveling squirrel act or something……….
Nope I have just been so busy my life has felt like a circus.
My squirrel act would be juggling nuts I think or would that be nutty juggling……snigger.

Christmas has come to Two Squirrels Vintage with the decorations up and a lovely window display to celebrate the season. Check out our Facebook page to see the window sparkling at night. The lovely Jill from the service centre over the road especially took them for us, thank you sweet.
We have so many gorgeous vintage treasures in at the moment, its so very exciting with lots of new stock.

On the home front St Biddies garden has gone crazy and I am sorry to say we have that 'abandoned house' overgrown look going on……… least the roses are beautiful.

Right lots of washing and ironing to do before Thursday.

We have posted the Christmas hours on the side bar just click the Elf.

Happiness to you…..

Love V


  1. What a pretty dress, you look beautiful x

  2. I like nutty juggling! hehe! your garden is beautiful, 'abandoned house overgrown look' is one of my favourites, you are a busy bee definitely and absolutely gorgeous, your frock is divine x x x

  3. Tis that time of year for retailers to bust their buns :) I hope you are having good selling days and enjoying life! You are pretty as ever!
    Lots of love

  4. Oh, Vanessa, what lovely roses everywhere. You're looking so lovely in your roses dress and the violet roses bush is gorgeous. Love that abandoned garden look. It's way better than the trimmed to death gardens that I see in some places. I think some people are afraid of nature because they fill their gardens with lots of stones and decorative things but they forget that a garden has to be green and must be surprising somehow. What do you think?

  5. I love your brooch, so pretty and a dress with pockets, the best.

  6. Tell me about it, I don't know my arse from my elbow at the minute!
    You look fabulous, that dress is an absolute beauty! xxx

  7. O, look at you, you gorgeous squirrel! You'd make an excellent circus squirrel!!!
    O, well, there's only so much to be done in a day! Overgrown gardens are kinda romantic, at least!

  8. Beautiful photos of beautiful you, Miss V, in your wild and gorgeous garden! Life is hectic, no? Keep sane amongst the madness, darling! xxxx

  9. Well you just KNOW that if you're planning on running away with the circus I'll be there in a flash!! Your frock is so incredibly beautiful and I adore the sweet brooch and hair clip darling. I'm really happy that the new shop is thriving after all the CC woes ... you both deserve a fresh start and it looks like the stars are shining on you. Your xmas shop decorations look amazing!! xoxoxo

  10. Absolutely beautiful flower motif. How great that you thought to put them together like this, especially with the pin. You look so elegant in this dress in the garden. I'm glad to see a warm place.

  11. The roses are beautiful in the garden and on your dress. Christmas is always a busy time. I can't believe there's only 15 days until Christmas day.

  12. You are so beautiful Darling V....even if you feel like a squirrel with it's head cut off some days. Busy busy times, and you've had so many huge changes in recent months. Take care my Sweet. Xx

  13. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day, and let's face it, you have plenty on your plate. St Biddies is looking deliciously overgrown, I love that look. And you look heavenly in your rose dress. xx

  14. what beautiful roses. Have a very good season!