Monday, December 23, 2013

Beauty and Butterflies…………..

Hi Sweet-peas……

This is a mixture of things today before we do the Christmas Eve special post…….snigger…..its just perfect…….snigger…..

A list of beauty and butterflies*****

*My beautiful friend Christina has just launched her own boutique online store (Bare Naturals) selling the most wonderful lip balms, all natural and scrumptious……..I have bought heaps as special Christmas gifts.

*My Christmas present to myself was this beautiful vintage ivory ball…….perfect on a chain…….purchased from the wonderful 'Provincial Antiques' here in Milton.

*We finally went to the 'Tropical Forrest' at the museum in Dunedin, so many butterflies.

*Strawberries from the glasshouse so yummy……..

Just Beautiful……

love V


  1. I walked around in a butterfly garden once. It strange to have them land all over you because they are so light you can't even feel them.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!


  2. I love that butterfly house at the museum! I want to go back there right now. That necklace is just lovely xoxo

  3. Thank you for these snapshots of berries and butterflies and fresh cottons. And a gorgeous ivory pendant! It's dreary outside here. Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to you lovely. X

  5. Gorgeous pics and beautiful gifts, butterfly gardens are so pretty although Mr F seems to have a teeny phobia about them but went in one last year, we had to leave when a ginormous moth appeared (huge thing!) looking forward to your Christmas Eve Post!! I can't wait! x x x

  6. Oh Vanessa, your photos are so beautiful. YOU are so beautiful! What a gorgeous little pendant you chose, I love the shot of Warren with a butterfly on his shirt, your dresses are glorious, and strawberries, mmmm... So much goodness here! xxxxx

  7. Strawberries oh I do miss strawberries in the winter months. I love your plaid dress more than I can say. x

  8. A beautiful pendent Val and wonderful pictures of you and the butterflies.
    Merry Christmas to you both!
    Sabine xxx

  9. You and Warren have matching plaids! Happy Christmas to you both. xx

  10. The ivory ball is just lovely!
    I quite like Christina's blog, but haven't visited for a while so was unaware of her venture! Will be checking that out!
    Your plaid frock is just DIVOON, darling! XXX

  11. How gorgeous your beautiful, whimsical, sweet lives are! Butterflies and strawberries and gifts. Just beautiful.


    Sarah xxx