Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh we do love vintage books........

Dunedin and books seem 
to go hand in hand.....
There are so many fabulous 2nd hand book
shops and this weekend is
the absolutely fantastic...
24 hour Rotary book sale
at the Regent Theatre.

I found just what I wanted to find....
 two beautifully illustrated 
books on Garden Flowers.

We have especially for the weekend
created a little
bookie corner at Squirrels HQ.

Open early this Saturday
Sunday 11am-3pm

Vanessa & Warren


  1. Lovely photos and you look so gleeful. Lucky you to get those books!

  2. Thank you so much are right I was full of glee! Sending happy thoughts and best wishes Vanessa & Warren

  3. We had a Rotary Book Fair here too, and my friend bought numerous books. We get to have two very good book fairs in Hamilton and I go to both.