Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The beautiful maple tree near our front fence is a splash of 
amber colour right now......

the ground is strewn with beautiful leaves that are of the most
heavenly colours.
Amber, yellow, green, chestnut,
 orange, red and brown.

I am so excited to be heading to Arrowtown this weekend
were the whole area should be a glorious ode to
my truly and absolutely favourite time of year.

The 'Squirrels' will be there
having a seasonally splendid time
I am Sure......



  1. I love Autumn, all the colour of the falling leaves and the sound they make under your feet when you walk on them. You look so happy and cosy. Your chickens are looking fabulous, hope they are laying for you.

    1. Oh and me together.....Autumn is the best time of year.
      The Chooks are fantastic.....three eggs everyday.......really to many for us to use. I do love giving them away.
      Sending much happiness to you. Vanessa