Sunday, March 13, 2016

A treasure trove..........

We have a busy week ahead unpacking
and sorting lot & lots of fantastic vintage
clothing and accessories.....

This Saturday is the

The Squirrels will be there
with a HUGE amount of great vintage pieces....

We really need to have a good old clear out!

So if you are looking for a wonderful bargain.....
please come and bring every vintage 
loving person you can find with you!!!

Hoping to see you there......

Vanessa & Warren


  1. Your photos are always so lovely. Do you live/work in an old church? I love the idea of transforming a church into a home. I think it is the shape of the windows and doors and all the space that I adore.

    1. Oh thank you so much Sue for your lovely comment......yes.....we live and work in a church.....and you are right, it's pretty amazing. Sending much happiness to you. Two Squirrels.....Vanessa & Warren