Thursday, December 31, 2015

The game of life..................

Thanks for coming 2015....

I have just trawled through thousands of photographs
which are the most fabulous overview of the last 12 months.

As it stands with most of our time here playing this 
wonderful board-game know as life
we have seen many changes.

Many counters have moved to new squares.....
we have moved back a few steps and then forward quite a few.....
The dice have been thrown high and landed 
in places we have wanted and sometimes not.

We have built up....pulled down and walked away from
the cards we have been given.

Tomorrow we will get up and the game will go on.....
I am just happy to be playing with my best friend......

Your turn......

love to you all
Happy New Year....

Go hard play the game....

Vanessa & Warren


  1. Beautiful photo's and a lovely look back. Happy new year to you both heres hoping 2016 brings you both much love, joy and happiness, dee x

    1. Happy happy New Year Dee .......I hope it's filled with magical moments and special happenings.......thank you for the sweet comment on the Two Squirrels Year in pics......V&W

  2. I love all your photos you chose from your year. But I adore the last one, you two are very cute and very photogenic. 2016 will be an amazing year. Oh how are your chickens doing?

    1. Happy happy New Year Sue........I hope you have a truly wonderful one filled with loads of love and happiness.....thank you for the lovely comments on the kind. V&W

  3. I adore the new header, and I adore you loves!
    Happy Bloody New Year indeed! We're well into it now.......

    1. Oh Miss Helga.....happy happy New Year to you, you gorgeous's going to be a fantastic one!!!!! V&W