Friday, May 23, 2014

For the love of vintage....................

Hi Sweet-peas.......

Sometimes we all just need to take off and go on an adventure with friends........time to connect and well....go see some fabulous vintage!

Yip I have been so lucky to pop over to Melbourne for 5 nights with my gorgeous friends Katherine, Katy and Suz.
 We timed the trip with the 'Vintage Love Fair', which was fantastic.......I can't  wait to show you the very fabulous FOUR dresses that are now waiting in my wardrobe.
The vintage was truly spectacular and we must say a big thank you to the lovely Di from 'Jellybean Vintage' for the tickets to the event. Sorry I was just to excited I didn't even take any photo's at the fair.....but the rose dress in the first pics was what I wore to it.
 Rachel from 'Provincial Antiques' made it out of two curtains that were going to be thrown away.......thank you so much Noveanne for saving them and thinking of me. 
Rachel made a fantastic job.......I got so many comments on the dress.

We also did lots of drinking(so many great cafes)........yummy food eating........telling stories.........just being in a big city, so much energy!!!
I do love Melbourne.
I went to the Zoo........'Look at the little furry faces'!!!!!!!
Loved it!!!!!!

Pretty much love all around..........

love v



  1. The dress turned out super great!! you look pretty as a picture xx

  2. Oh I've been dying to read about your time in Melbourne. It is such a fantastic city. That curtain frock is simply divine....I adore it. And the wee neckline detail is so perfect! Coffee, frocks & girl time sounds like the perfect way to spend a few days. I can't wait to see your purchases. Much love. Xx

  3. I love your curtain dress, I saw meercats at the weekend too!

  4. I bet your holiday did you both the world of good.
    That curtain dress has your name written all over it - its gorgeous. x

  5. Oh you look adorable in the curtain dress - it is just beautiful and so sweet that your friend saved the fabric for you. I love Melbourne. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  6. You look SO HAPPY in these pics Miss V! I love that rose dress and I love Melbourne too, we are HOPEFUL we will make it over for a few days this year. I always love the street art xoxo

  7. Oh Miss V, I gasped when I saw the rose dress, it's just so perfect on you! And I love that it was curtains and made just for you!
    Friends, vintage shopping, meerkats and ring-tailed lemurs? That sounds just about heavenly! xxx

  8. How jolly splendid is that rosey frock?!!! LOVE IT!
    Ah, I so enjoyed Love Vintage last year, I yearn to go again!!! It's a no fail good time.
    Gagging to see what you bought!!

  9. What a pretty rose dress, yopu look lovely!
    And a lemur! One of my absolute favourite animals xxx

  10. Hey Vanessa! Thanks for your comment on our post. I do indeed have some leftovers from the market that you might be interested in, some 50s cotton dresses with very minor flaws and a couple of other great pieces of vintage that you may be keen on. Email me on and I can send you some photos!