Sunday, March 30, 2014

Seasons and time………...

Hi Sweet-peas……

Oh my gosh I can hardly believe that another month is about to finish, the year is just whizzing by.
Autumn is dancing all around us at St Biddies, the last of the fruit is falling from the fruit trees in the orchard…………only a few greengages left, they are still so very sweet to munch on.
Wonderful red and white polka dot toadstools have magically appeared on the lawn.
The squirrels have been getting wood in for winter to keep them warm and snug.
Pots of yummy chutneys, relish and sauce have been bubbling away ready to be bottled.
We have both had a few ups and downs this month………….
Time keeps ticking by……..

love V 


  1. What a wonderful dress, Vanessa. You look as cute as the marvellous dahlias.
    Have a good time!
    Sabine xxx

  2. Wonderful plums. I picked roadside apples for the donkeys today. Heres hoping for a crisp sunny autumn- So nice to see you on saturday and I hope Warren liked the vests x

  3. A my się przygotowujemy do wiosny:))))piękna sukienka:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  4. Ah, my pretty, sweet Squirrel! So lovely to see you smiling and looking a treat! Kisses to you both! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Gorgeous to see you gathering the greengages and looking so beautiful, Miss V. Been missing you - hope all is well! xxx

  6. Today I had to get up really early to drive Anthony to meet his buddies - they are going on a little crab fest (that's what he's calling it! I wonder how many crabs he'll bring home?!) for a couple of days. Anyway, on the drive home you popped into my head V, I get home, turn on the comp and ta-da, here you are!!! It's lovely to see a post from you. I hope you guys are ok, and that you're having more ups than downs. Take care x

  7. Darling V you are divine as always. I have never heard of that fruit before. You kiwis have some strange stuff. Thinking of you both & hoping your days are filled with sunshine. Love. Xx

  8. I love the changing seasons! you are gorgeous as ever and I hope life is now treating you kindly x x x

  9. Mmmm, greengages! I love them.
    For a second when I read that squirrels were gathering wood, it completely confused me and I thought 'what sort of squirrels do they have where they live???' then it clicked!

  10. We have a greengage tree in our garden I love them. Yum! x

  11. Your dress is so wonderfully beautiful! I love that it also reminds me a bit of a textured wallpaper that hung in mine and my little sister's (we shared a room for a while) bedroom when I was a youngster.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Lovely shiny dress, and beautifully delicate dahlias. I really enjoy your blog, and have awarded you the sunshine and shine on awards!