Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This is not what it was meant to be…………………..

Hi sweet-peas………

Ok do any of you lovely poppets know where our summer has gone????

I was going to be showing you my lovely new birthday (summer) dresses……..but the weather today turned into a thunder storm, with crazy heavy rain…… NO pretty dresses to photograph…..grrr.

So these pics are from the picnic Warren and I went on last week…… you can see it was the most perfect summer day……rain…….terribly windy and absolutely freezing cold.
We had lunch in the car.

I did however get to wear the fabulous 50's grey wool coat I bought from 'Tiger Lily'………it was meant to go into storage till winter………nothing like an outing in the mid of January.

New sign….

Beach not suitable for
summer dresses….
a picnic………
or sunbathing!!!!

love v


  1. It looks as if our winter which actually has not arrived till now enjoys its days in your part of the world.
    Although I would like to see the beautiful summer dresses I also enjoy the pics of your wonderful beach view.
    Sabine xxx

  2. Love your coat - and the views! It does look stormy.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I can't believe how rugged up you are in January! I'd love to swap you that for our 35degree day today! Love you as always in polka-dots and green, with those boots that I adore. Sending sunshine and happiness your way birthday girl. Xx

  4. Hmmm, that's not very summery, is it? Oh well, at least you get to wear that gorgeous coat, love the gathered detail at the back, and a picnic in the car is better than no picnic at all! Get me, being all positive! You and Warren look adorable enjoying the stormy conditions on that beautiful beach, but it's time for some sunshine now1 xxxx

  5. What a wonderful coat! Boo to the bad weather though, here's to seeing the lovely birthday dresses soon.

  6. The weather is definitely not doing what it should be doing at the moment!! your coat is absolutely divine, maybe it wanted a few days out before going into storage! you both look very cosy in the cold though and car picnics are fab, I do look forward to your summer frocks though (I say it a lot, but I really do love your dresses!!) x x x

  7. ... but of course, you still look adorable! M x

  8. Brrr! I think gray days are the best days at the beach...however, it's no fun when your picnic is ruined by rain! You both look quite stylish--love both your coats.

  9. Oh that takes me back to British summer picnics - looks so much the same!

  10. Indeed, our Summer has largely been BOLLOCKS! And when we do get a Summery's ruined by wind! We were spoilt with a perfect Summer last year! It's the wind that's really getting on my nerves, it's most unusual!
    Shame, I'm gagging to see your new birthday frocks, but O, how I adore that exquisite coat!!!

  11. Bardzo fajna wycieczka:)))ślicznie wyglądasz w tym płaszczu:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  12. At least you got to breathe in some fresh sea air and watch some cracking waves by the looks of it, great pics...xXx

  13. I'm pretty someone has stolen summer this year - we had soup earlier this week! SOUP! I'm reading this with a blanket on my lap because I'm cold. At least you look fabulous at the beach - even in your winter coat.

  14. I've decided the only way to cape with this weather is to pretend that it's actually winter. You have to ignore the lovely flowering rata, but it's worked all day!
    Another thing which helps is to wear sandals in defiance.

  15. Ooohhhh I love your coat and your look gorgeous. The weather is horrible here to all it does is rain rain and more rain very depressing. Enjoy your weekend, dee xx

  16. I love your post, thanks for sharing! :) Btw, you have a pretty blog!
    Kissed from Serbia,

  17. I know!!! I have had a lot of wear out of my cardigans this summer, and have not put my umbrella and coat away. Not exactly a long hot summer this year, but the garden is still pretty and green.