Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Naughty pesky little squirrel……………...

Hi sweet-peas……

While we were in Christchurch we had to make a special delivery to the gorgeous Miss Helga as her birthday was just around the corner……..it was so lovely to catch up with her and Mr G.
We sat chatting over a glass of wine………..Helga and I squealed with excitement over her wonderful boudoir of vintage dresses and we laughed about how she just about left her scrumptious leopard furry coat at 'Biddies' when they came to stay. I had joked about kind-napping it when they were staying.
Helga looked just too cute in the gingham blue swing dress we gave her…….happy happy birthday sweet!!!!!


After a wee fun check of my basket upon leaving……just to make sure a sneaky little squirrel didn't leave with a 'Miss Helga' treasure.
We said our goodbyes and gave out heaps of hugs.



One should not trust a pesky little squirrel who has mischief on her mind and a super sneaky accomplice
to help out(it was partly an inside job) shhhhh!!!!


So Soft……..

Naughty naughty squirrel…..

Love V

Disclaimer……..no vintage garments were hurt in the making of this post and shall be returned to there true owner in a few weeks. Xxxxxx


  1. Bess you :-) You are so cute. Helga and you both looked gorgeous i would love to play dress up with you both, dee x

  2. Stop thief! I think you must have been acting as a decoy, and while Helga checked your basket, Warren and G were smuggling that delicious furry coat out the back door! So naughty...
    Always a joy to see you and Helga rocking your frocks together, and I am in love with those ears! xxx

  3. Ha! I love it! naughty naughty squirrels! it is a gorgeous coat, no wonder! you look very mischievous in it too! It's lovely to see you both in your gorgeous, gorgeous frocks, I can't think of anything better than nosing in both of your boudoirs looking at vintage frocks and lovliness! x x x

  4. You need to give me tips as I dearly need to raid Helga's wardrobe!

  5. Those ears are too cute, adorable!
    This leopard coat is to sneak for, hahaha!
    How lucky you were to chat with dear Helaga and have privilege access to her I'm sure extraordinaire boudoir !


  6. I want your ears! So cute! Are they handmade?

    It looks like fun was had by all, and you both look so fab. Love that dress on you!

  7. Oh look at you lovely little naughty girls! What a treat to see and celebrate Helga on her Birthday. You girls are delightful together! I am loving your sex kitten pictures and I would have wanted to kind nap this coat too, why its just perfect in every way. What did you do you sneaky adorable squirrel?

    ps...those ears make me purr.

  8. OMG!!! You little sneakers!!!!
    BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! How the BLOODY hell did you manage to nick my leopard coat?! It was that G, the shit!!! Inside job. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He's for it now!!

    As is G, he's just told me the whole skullduggery story!

  10. Such fun, "borrowing" Helgas coat!! The very best person to "borrow" off!!

  11. I love seeing photos of two of my favourite people together. Just makes me long for a squeeze as well! I love Helga's birthday frock, utterly divine. And you in polka-dots always makes me smile. Only a matter of days now till your special day! Xx

  12. fun post! this post made my day ... you both gals looked so amazing! ... and the leopard coat is such a great piece ... i would love to borrow it, too.

  13. Hahahha, you look so cute in the coat, who could blame you!!?? You and Helga look fantastic together and I love the gingham dress on Helga and you in polka dots.

  14. I don't blame you, you're only human!

  15. OOoh you marvellous cheeky sneaky thieving squirrels! I bloody love it so much! You both look beautiful, as ALWAYS, and those ears are perfect! I'm GREEEN with envy! (Come to Helgastock2014 in Melbourne... pleeeeeease!

    Love, Sarah xxx

  16. What a naughty little squirrel ! I love the photo of you giggling behind your hand, all adorable in your furry ears. I saw the photos of you and Helga on her blog, and the two of you look terribly fetching in your full skirted frocks!

  17. You two are just fabulous! I wish I could hang out with you guys too - some day!