Friday, November 22, 2013

Vintage Shop girl…………..

Hi Sweet-peas……

Can you believe another month is just about over????
The days are just flying by and I feel like I am chasing my furry little tail all the time.
Its taken a while to settle into being a shop girl again…….I must admit to struggling with the confidence it takes to serving, buying and dealing with lovely customers all over again. After being in retail for 25 years I still get nervous sometimes…..crazy.
We have been doing some long hours at the shop and behind the scenes to keep interesting and fun treasure coming in, its all worth while when you see the delight when someone decides to take them home.

Talking about vintage shops………Warren and I went to a fabulous new one in Dunedin
we meet the wonderful Emma-Jane the owner and I came away with a cute pair of old school style navy shoes… happy!!!!

Right I must go do some paper work and the banking……

Happiness to you all…..have a truly splendid weekend.

love V


  1. Those shoes are the cutest!!!! I always love seeing you in navy. The shop looks beautiful. How I would love to come & play with all those treasures. I hope you have a lovely weekend with lots more empty spaces to fill next week. Love to you! Xx

  2. time is seemingly at top speed at the moment! definitely! I love your 't' bar sandals, awesome stuff - and your coat and fab sunnies! the nerves still get me, new jobs or whatever, darned things! I thought I would be more chilled at this age! have a wonderful weekend too x x x

  3. I can understand you being nervous sometimes its a big thing owning a shop and keeping cheerful every day and greeting customers even when sometimes you might not feel like it. Everything always looks so gorgeous wish I was nearer so I could pop in. Love your new shoes, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  4. I bet you are just the nicest, cheeriest shopkeeper! I love those cute sandals and your pretty petticoat peeking out under your dress. M x

  5. Sweet, adorable and comfy looking shoes! Nice score!
    Oooo, I'm seeing new and exciting goodies in the shop! Love the front pattern, and I picked up the twin to the grey handbag (in a dark tan) yesterday as a little pressie for a friend! Love the shape. I also love your gorgeously dilapidated hat case!
    Ah, you are a perfect shopgirl, the only kind I have time for-genuine, lovely, and respectful!!!

  6. Darling Miss V - Shop Girl of the Year! I know exactly how you feel, I get that crisis of confidence thing completely. But you have so much knowledge and experience, Vanessa, and are such a warm and lovely person, I am sure any customer who visits your shop comes away with a warm glow of happiness, whether they bought anything or not!
    Your shop displays are beautiful, and yay for old school t-bars and raincoats! I bet that fabulous old travel case has some tales to tell! xxxx

  7. You make it looks so easy but of course there is lots of work behind the scenes. Your shop looks beautiful, you have a real talent for it, and I love those shoes, takes me back to being a kid at the start of a new school year. Have a lovely weekend. xxxxx

  8. Sometimes it's hard being all nice and smiles:)! I think I'd love to pop into your shop have a lil chat and get a lil treasure.

  9. Vanessa, having experienced the wonders of your retail emporium I can confidently say that you and your partner are amazing shop owners and have truly put Milton on the map.

  10. for sure it's hard work to be a nice and smiling shop owner every single day and -actually- every single minute. when i look at the pictures i see a happily smiling girl, that makes me wanna chat and shop. :)
    sadly i can't pop by and check out all the lovely things ....

  11. Such beautiful pics! I wish you much much luck! I love your shop:)! Kisses x x x x x x

  12. You look so cute! I'm sure you will get your confidence back soon - its always hard when you've been away from something for a while. I love that blue bag and I finally sent you a message about those patterns (sorry I'm the worst at the moment!)

  13. Your shoes look like they could be McCauley's - Dunedin's own brand. Your shop layouts look fabulous and inviting and I hope it doesn't wear you down too much. I'm sure your enjoyment in what you do will help you regain your confidence :-)