Vintage Shop girl…………..

Hi Sweet-peas……

Can you believe another month is just about over????
The days are just flying by and I feel like I am chasing my furry little tail all the time.
Its taken a while to settle into being a shop girl again…….I must admit to struggling with the confidence it takes to serving, buying and dealing with lovely customers all over again. After being in retail for 25 years I still get nervous sometimes…..crazy.
We have been doing some long hours at the shop and behind the scenes to keep interesting and fun treasure coming in, its all worth while when you see the delight when someone decides to take them home.

Talking about vintage shops………Warren and I went to a fabulous new one in Dunedin
we meet the wonderful Emma-Jane the owner and I came away with a cute pair of old school style navy shoes… happy!!!!

Right I must go do some paper work and the banking……

Happiness to you all…..have a truly splendid weekend.

love V

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