Hello......Two Squirrels Vintage.....Vanessa speaking......

Hi Sweet-peas....

Oh what an opening!!!!!!

It was just amazing......we had so many people come and support us, we are feeling so very humble.
Lots of wonderful vintage treasure left our wee vintage shop and went on to start a new life with lovely new owners.
What more could we ask for????
I wore my new vintage 50's cotton dress with roses on, perfect for the occasion, yay.

We are both just shattered today, the excitement and energy used to get the shop open has just drained us so much......I am a bit of a train wreak.
Poor St Biddies looks like a bomb went off in her and poor Trouser thinks we have moved out with so much of our treasures now in the shop.

Ok I hope to be back in the real world tomorrow and try to catch up on everyone.

Night night....

love V 

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