All in a days work........

Hi Sweet-peas.......

Oh I forgot what it is like to be standing on your little feet for seven hours a day and talking to lovely poppets.......I am so exhausted.......and very out of practice, but filled with happiness.
Today we were given the most beautiful cup-cakes to welcome 'Two Squirrels Vintage' to Milton from the gorgeous ladies at the Service Centre......thank you so much to Jill and Barbara, it was so very kind.
Now I am not out of practice when it comes to devouring a scrumptious chocolate cup-cake......yummy.

Talking about kindness I received the most wonderful parcel filled with vintage treasures from the very sweet Brodie at 'Camilla Crinoline', a fabulous crochet bag, poodle brooch and scarf, what a lucky squirrel I am.......thank you sweet.

Its been so nice dressing a window again,  fussing over the displays of treasure, sweeping the path and realizing just how much I truly love having a shop.

Night Night poppets.....

Sorry I am just so tired....the days are such a blur at the moment.

Love V

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