What Joy looks like...........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

Oh what a wonderful week of fun things happening!

On Tuesday night we had the catwalk show for the 'Cadburys Couture wearable Art'........it was such a wonderful night. I was so so nervous on the catwalk.........my legs were shaking so much and as the dress was very restricting I think I may have held my breathe for the length of it.

The theme was 'What Joy looks like' and you had to use the all of the contents from your entry pack combined with other material to achieve your artwork.
As you can see we all got tin-foil wrapping in a rainbow of colors, mine was gold and orange polka-dot.
My entry was called 'Chasing rainbows' and was about a Cinderella moment. The transformation when we go from wearing a sack to being a sparkly princess and feeling amazing.
This is the first dress I have ever made!!!!!!!
She was all hand sewn, I have to say that working with tin-foil and sacking was 'beep beep beep'.
With out a pattern I just cut the fabrics using one of my 50's dresses as a guide and then lots of spray glue for the foil..........which just rips so easily, eekkk.........more beep beeps.
Anyway it made it through the show which was great.
We meet some gorgeous people and the creations were incredible.
 The winner is to the left of me in the last photo.......called 'Wonder Wahine'........Wahine is maori for women...........it was fabulous and the girls who made it were so lovely.
Well deserved.

Love V

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