Because your play?????

Hi Sweet-peas.....

Oh I am so sorry I have been out of little old blogland........I have been working on a project and it has to be ready by Friday, its all very exciting.
It is something I have wanted to do for years.
Eeeekkk fingers crossed it all works out.....I will show and tell if it does.
Sooooo when you have a deadline I always seem to be naughty and find ways to be side tracked and play.

Like a quick trip into Lawrence in my red corduroy dressing gown, worn as a jacket, sporting the little yellow scarf and satchel handbag all op-shopped last week.

Then of course there is always time to tease Mr newspaper hat........totally and absolutely destroyed......look at that innocence little furry face.
Ok Ok I must run my little poppets......I have so much more to do and the deadline is bitting at my ankles.

love V

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