A Pickle of a pick......

Hi Sweet-peas.....

This 70's polyester dress I bought from Sallies in Mosgiel last week is a pesky pickle, I love the colours and the design, but once I popped it on today I its really not me.
Oh well back to a charity shop it goes.

I made the 'pickle' brooch from a fridge magnet...tee hee it looks more like a crawling green caterpillar.

I only remembered today I had not shown you the 70's set of round tins I found at the Hospice shop in Milton, they are perfect stacked in the corner of the kitchen and great for $5.00.
Op-shopping the joys and disappointments.
Fun fun Fun.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my felt collar and bunny......we had even more snow on Friday night so I was a sad little bunny on Saturday because it was to dangerous to drive to my 'Natural Fibre' classes.
Oh well its not worth getting into a pickle over.....

Love V

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