Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Pickle of a pick......

Hi Sweet-peas.....

This 70's polyester dress I bought from Sallies in Mosgiel last week is a pesky pickle, I love the colours and the design, but once I popped it on today I its really not me.
Oh well back to a charity shop it goes.

I made the 'pickle' brooch from a fridge magnet...tee hee it looks more like a crawling green caterpillar.

I only remembered today I had not shown you the 70's set of round tins I found at the Hospice shop in Milton, they are perfect stacked in the corner of the kitchen and great for $5.00.
Op-shopping the joys and disappointments.
Fun fun Fun.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my felt collar and bunny......we had even more snow on Friday night so I was a sad little bunny on Saturday because it was to dangerous to drive to my 'Natural Fibre' classes.
Oh well its not worth getting into a pickle over.....

Love V


  1. Too bad you couldn't make it to your course:( The wild weather can't be helped though. I love the wee pickle brooch :D

  2. I love that hospice shop in Milton! What gorgeous canisters.

  3. I was thinking how much I love that frock....the colours, the stripes, and pockets! I think it looks fab, I would have snapped it up too! I adore the orange scarf too. Such a cheery combo on a winters day. And wowee those tins. They are beautiful! What a score, are they Willow? I hope the weather has settled down a bit this week. Much Love! Xx

  4. the dress fabric is just great-sure you can't recycle it and use it in your class?
    LOVE your earrings too V x

  5. I'm right there with Leisa (but we are two peas in a pod with our tastes) I love the look of the dress, the colours,not he print and oh my I love a frock with pockets. But it's always good to be able to know and say when something is right for you. Your pickle brooch is the funnies and sweetest thing. Oh and I can't forget the scarf.....love it.

  6. Ah those tins, so pretty. Love that vintage orange brown mix - totally takes me back to some of the table sets my parents had when I was as a child. We saw some built in basement seating and cushions in a similar colour style, I was all over them at the weekend!

  7. If you don't feel fab toss it:) I love the colors but if its gotta go its gotta go. Be careful about driving in the snow, I'm happy you stayed home safe and sound.

  8. Oh it's frustrating, isn't it? When something OUGHT to work, and look fab, but just kinda somehow... doesn't. I like the colours and print of the dress, but if you're not feeling it, then off she goes again in search of her forever home. You always look adorable, Vanessa.
    Gorgeous tins. Pickly pickle. Naughty snow! Keep warm, darling squirrel! xxxx

  9. O, good lord, those TINS!!! Pure perfection, darl!
    Ah, yes, the ups and downs of opshopping! Still, we just can't keep away!!
    The frock is fabulous, shame it isn;t right for you, but someone else will be thrilled with it!

  10. I have been thinking about you in the snow and hope you have been keeping warm and cosy. I love the tins from Milton and the pickle brooch is just so cute. Its a pity about the dress, sometimes things just don't work out the way we hoped. xx

  11. You look beautiful like always! I love your home! Kisses x x x x

  12. Funny idea with the fridge magnet!

  13. That's a shame, it is different to what you normally wear, but I think that dress looks just great on you.

    You haven't pointed it out, but I also love that landscape painting behind you above that table. It is beautiful! xxx

  14. Natural fibre classes sound fantastic! It does look like a caterpillar, but it's a wonderful brooch! The stack of tins is great, what a find! xxxx