Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A parcel of happiness and some fabulous news..........

Hello Sweet-peas......

I am hoping from these photo's you can't tell that I am terribly sick with a rotten old cold. (I also have a wee branch friend in the photo's, side right.....hello)
I have been feeling just so horrible........but there have been two lovely rays of sunshine in my week to make me feel oh so very happy!!!
Dragging my feet to the letterbox in the rain, I opened it to find a super duper parcel from the truly fabulous and gorgeous Curtise at Pastcaring.
A squeal of excitement as I rushed back inside, scissors grabbed, tissue flying........what yummy vintage treasures were inside???
Look look......the cutest yellow cardigan and a dirndl skirt that is amazing.
Into the bedroom for a try on and then plaiting the hair to get into the Heidi spirit.
Thank you Curtise.
I just love it all.

Do you like my bunny pendant????
On Saturday I found this poor little bunny salt shaker at Sallies all by himself......no pepper partner.
Home he came to be made into a necklace.
His days of a salt shaking are over.
I think he is happy now.

Then the other exciting thing I have had as a wee secret for a while until it was all confirmed today.
I have been asked by the lovely LuLu from 'Frockstars' to judge this years competition.
Now this is so exciting and I am putting a big call out to all you lovely poppets who like turning a unloved and sad little dress into something truly sensational.
This competitions for you.....even if you are overseas.
All the details are on the web-site

or their

I wish I could enter......it would be so much fun.
Judge this year....enter next year.

love V


  1. If I had ONLY saved pix and details from ALL the frocks I have resussitated over the years!!! OOO!
    I will see if there's anything and anytime to transform something...
    YOU look divoon in that scrummy new skirt from Curtise!!! LOVE IT! And your sweet ahirdo AND Mr Bunny former salt shaker now pendant!!! Most excellent save!
    Bugger about being crook, hope it goes away PRONTO!

  2. oh my goodness you look so gorgeous! come and link it next Tuesday over at my place! Oh do come and play it would be so super awesome yo have your beautiful face over at the flight platform! I am turning my Tuesday fashion post 'SHINY T TUESDAY' into a new weekly nlinky with prompts...the first prompt for next tuesday is 'WHEN PATTERNS SPEAK' this skirt sure is speaking loud and clear, it's saying 'GORGEOUS!' XXXX

  3. I have had a bad cold too V. For TWO WEEKS! My nose (I nearly typed 'hose' here - that would've been a better word actually!) is red and sore. I am an old misery guts at the moment, but never mind, I'm sure we will both be better soon.
    I love your Heidi skirt and yellow cardie from Curtise, I'm sure you felt much better when that parcel of loveliness arrived in the mail!

    p.s. you'd never guess from your pics that you are feeling crook V, you should see me, I look like you-know-what! Take care x

  4. You look beautiful and I love your bunny pendant.

  5. Congrats on being selected to be a judge, sounds like a pretty amazing contest. The skirt Vanessa the skirt, oh my isn't it just gorgeous on you! Curtise really hooked you up honey, it's perfect on you! The bunny has been rescued and I'm sure has a better life around your neck than on a table.

  6. That skirt is amazing! God I wish I looked as good as you when I get sick, nope more like a corpse risen. Well done on the exciting news. x

  7. You look beautiful, Vanessa, no one would guess you were ill at all! I'm so happy that my little parcel cheered you up - I had a feeling that dirndl would be perfect on you, and indeed it is, especially with the plaits and cute bunny pendant.
    Congratulations on being chosen to be a judge - you'll be great!
    Hope you feel tons better soon, my darling friend! xxxx

  8. Sorry to hear you've been poorly. Get well soon. You look gorgeous (but then you always do) in Curtise's skirt and cardie. The bunny pendant is inspired. Clever you. Exciting stuff about being a judge. xx

  9. wow, that skirt is something else.

    Damn, It's too bad for me I haven't taken photos of the sows ears I've turned into silk purses. Maybe next time

  10. You poor darling, you certainly don't look poorly in that beautiful skirt, cardi and darling braids. That rescued bunny pendant is utterly wonderful, too, you clever Squirrel!
    Well done on being a judge, I'm going right over to take a peek! xxx

  11. You always look so sweet. What a sweet package to receive from Curtise. I have a similar European labelled vintage skirt in my stock cupboard, I've debated keeping it but I think I should find it a forever home.

    What a genius idea with the bunny shaker, I love it and it's so sweet.

    Get well sweet thing and take care. X

  12. I hope you feel better soon. There's nothing like a parcel in the mail to cheer you up when you're feeling rotten, though. The cardigan and skirt are fabulous. How clever of you to turn the salt shaker into a necklace.

  13. That skirt and cardigan are simply lovely - Curtise is a clever bunny! You look beautiful, not sick at all. Colds are such nasty little critters - make you feel miserable. Ginger tea, jarmies and a hot water bottle are the way to go. I hope Warren is looking after you well! And hope you're keeping warm, the snow in Lawrence has made the news on Stuff.co.nz, it looks beautiful but very frosty. We're waiting here hoping for a snow day as some respite to the torrential rain! Some people walk in the rain and some people just get wet! Love Jen xx

  14. ...Oh and love the bunny necklace - I have a fish who lost her partner in the quakes - now I know what to do with her!

  15. Hi Vanessa, you're looking so lovely in the dirndl skirt and the Heidi plaits. The scarf and cardigan match perfectly. That bunny salt shaker into necklace thing is great. Love that.
    I hope you're feeling well now. Maybe you want to have a look at this squirrel:

  16. Wow that skirt is so lovely! Looking great!

  17. What a amazingly great gift from Curtise.
    I was totally admiring your bunny pendant too. HOW CUTE!!

  18. Who better to judge such a fantastic competition then you! Well Curtise has hit the jackpot again, gifting the perfect items to you. I love the skirt & cardi, they suit you to a T. Sending my get well wishes sweet. Xx

  19. this skirt is the best i've seen for a while. gorgeous! you mixed it perfectly with this yellow-ish cardi.

  20. Curtise is a marvel! I love that skirt so much! and the yellow cardi too! I really really love your hair, so pretty! Even when mine was longer I had no plaiting skills. The blackboard is brilliant too! xx ~ ooh and love the bunny shaker necklace!

  21. Ooh Curtise has parcel voodoo - I LOVE that pretty cardigan and YAY for that PERFECT skirt!!! You are so lovely, I would never have known you are ill, Miss V! The little salt shaker turned pendant bunny is fab - and I'm off to check out this comp - it sounds quite intriguing!

    Sarah xxx