A parcel of happiness and some fabulous news..........

Hello Sweet-peas......

I am hoping from these photo's you can't tell that I am terribly sick with a rotten old cold. (I also have a wee branch friend in the photo's, side right.....hello)
I have been feeling just so horrible........but there have been two lovely rays of sunshine in my week to make me feel oh so very happy!!!
Dragging my feet to the letterbox in the rain, I opened it to find a super duper parcel from the truly fabulous and gorgeous Curtise at Pastcaring.
A squeal of excitement as I rushed back inside, scissors grabbed, tissue flying........what yummy vintage treasures were inside???
Look look......the cutest yellow cardigan and a dirndl skirt that is amazing.
Into the bedroom for a try on and then plaiting the hair to get into the Heidi spirit.
Thank you Curtise.
I just love it all.

Do you like my bunny pendant????
On Saturday I found this poor little bunny salt shaker at Sallies all by himself......no pepper partner.
Home he came to be made into a necklace.
His days of a salt shaking are over.
I think he is happy now.

Then the other exciting thing I have had as a wee secret for a while until it was all confirmed today.
I have been asked by the lovely LuLu from 'Frockstars' to judge this years competition.
Now this is so exciting and I am putting a big call out to all you lovely poppets who like turning a unloved and sad little dress into something truly sensational.
This competitions for you.....even if you are overseas.
All the details are on the web-site

or their

I wish I could enter......it would be so much fun.
Judge this year....enter next year.

love V

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