Waiting and the worry.........

Hello lovely sweet peas!!!!
This has been a yucky week for us, we have spent most of it in Christchurch hospital waiting to find out if some very special family members were going to be ok.
My gorgeous wee niece was in on Monday after becoming very sick, she has diabetes so it is always scary. Thank goodness she is ok.
Then on Thursday the call you hate to get, it was my mum saying my Dad was being rushed to hospital  after having a stroke. Could this be more horrible. 
He has lost some speech and has some paralyses on the right side of his body.
We hope he will have a good recovery after lots of rest and relaxing.
While waiting for visiting times we have had time to walk around Hagley Park.
Its been so so ice cold.
But thankful to be experiencing it.

love v

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