"Vintage love"

As vintage wearers we all accept that the treasure's we find will have a little wear and tear. 
A garment with the history woven into it is like carrying a piece of love around with you.
In the shops I always told customers it was "Vintage love".
Warren quite often calls me a little ragamuffin as many of my favorite vintage pieces have this "vintage love". My brown cardigan has big holes in the sleeve which I could fix, but why not just wear my heart on my sleeve and show the history.

Today we spent the day pulling out lots of damaged plants and trees after the heavy snow last week.
I was so sad as our beautiful lemon tree that was laden with fruit took a hammering. I picked what I could but the poor old thing is looking very sad. She has "snow love".
Oh well at least the sun was out today.

love v

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