School's out and it's snow time........

So as you can see yesterday it snowed, wow did it snow!!!!!!
It was so much fun to play in, all the school's were shut and most of the shops in town.
We spent the day by the fire, eating soup and with sparkles all over the floor. (I was sorting out  jewellery)
I was so excited!!!!! I decided to wear the old school gym frock I excitedly bought when I went to the costume sale months ago with the fabulous Miss Helga.
It was a very big tick on the vintage wish list.
Then to top it off,  I am wearing the vintage felt beret with leather trim I found at the red cross shop on Tuesday. Can you believe it another tick on the vintage wish list. I have had many over the years, but they were never quite perfect. This one is, Yay!
So snow, gym frock and beret makes for one terribly happy little squirrel.

love v

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