Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Heart!

Both the wee squirrels were very quite today.
We are pretty tired, I think the excitement of reopening and the emotional bitter sweet situation has really pooped us out.
It was a good day to wear one of my favourite dresses.
Miss gingham was brought at Retro Star in Melbourne. The wooden red heart brooch is one of the ones I made out of a kids puzzle piece.
Since it was a day of favourites the 50's sunglasses were the best find, Warren found them in a Garage Sale.
Oh so happy.


  1. I ove this outfit. That brooch is so cute x

  2. I see you popped on over and took a peek at our little ole Nana car.........Camellia!! Wasn't she just the cutest!!! hmmmmm.....wonder if she's still puttering around NZ somewhere???

    and, congratulations on your opening weekend at the pop up shop! Well done!