Monday, August 15, 2011


Oh oh it's so so cold today!!!!! Rug up in all things knitted.
We were working in the nest and decided to run away for coffee.
We were not sure if any of the cafe's were open, but thank goodness coffee was found.
As I post it is snowing very very heavily. Think we will wake to a winter wonderland. Stay warm sweetpeas.


  1. We in Hamil-vegas are envious of such beautiful snow.. although I know it would get tiresome and must be frickin cold..

    But my kids especially feel quite ripped off!! WE get the 6 degrees but not the snow!!

    Stay warm! Keep that muff on! Hee hee!

  2. Ooooo,that muff is rather sublime! I would be excited just to see such a beauty in the flesh,let alone that it had a little purse!EEK!
    Isn't it crazy,all this snow?! Crikey,it's bitter,thank goodness for the electric blankie!xxx