Monday, August 22, 2011

The day it all got squashed!

It's hard to believe sweet-peas but it is six months since the big earthquake that destroyed so many lives.
It's so sad to look back at all that has happened.
My wee heart is still sad when I remember our two lovely treasure shops.
Tete a Tete and Two Squirrels vintage are just a memory as we knew them.
Bless all those who have lost so much and may the future be filled with sparkles of happiness.
Love V&W


  1. Yes what a massive upheaval in so many ways for so many people 6 m ago... It's amazing what y'all have had to deal with.. and we think that frozen undies is challenging up here!

    You have shown so much kaha and courage and I wish you more of the same, and the same goes for your fellow Christchurchians!!

    I love that clock by the way. :o)

  2. It feels good that the earthquakes seem to be settling doesn't it. I miss Tete-a-tete, but I am feeling EUPHORIC that you guys are opening a new shop, and in Rangiora too *does a little dance* yipee!!!!