Friday, August 26, 2011

Blue dress take three....

Hmmm I just looked at the last three days posts and its all about the blue dresses this week.
This wee dress I brought way back at the start of the year and it's been waiting ever since for it's day in the sun or ivy.
Lovely fresh floral pattern in a easy to wear style, homemade, cotton and today worn with sneakers as miss V has sore feet from ironing for three hours last night.
Why ironing??? Because sweet-peas it's only a week till the nest (pop-up shop) is open! Oh yeah!!!!
On Sunday night we will post all the secret squirrel details on where the nest is and times. Oh nuts better get more ironing done.


  1. Regarding the previous blue frock,you look gorgeosu in it!!! Nothing wrong with curvy,sweets!!! Love the little collar!
    This frock is rather hot too!
    Ugh,ironing!I only do it when I sew,or really,really have to!
    Im gagging for next week!It's so exciting!

  2. I concur, you lady are a glad to hear the pop up hustle is nearly at completion, I am just back from the states today, hope to see your fine faces soon..x