Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I find when I go and pick up my nieces from school I get a few looks.
So today I decided to dress a little more incognito, tee hee!!!
Thanks to Helga and her wonderful motto, better to be looked over than overlooked....
You can see her totally "fab" vintage dressing and wonderful style at


  1. Good heavens! Thank you for lovely comment!!
    YOU are so NOT a wallflower! Do you find that children are fascinated with your clothing and colours? I find kiddies and the elderly looove me.....!!!

  2. Kiddies smile and look happy, old folk look and remember the old days, women my age steer and look you up and down. Then there are my favourites the ones who judge you and think because you made an effort to dress like a lady then you must be a snot and have a high oppinion of yourself. Hmmm the language of dressing.
    I would see you Helga and smile with such happiness at a lady who is fabulous and is wearing VINTAGE. Love V