Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bunny thank you!!!!

To all you wonderful sweetpeas I have to say a very heartfelt thank you!!!
The comments that have been posted to us are just so lovely and we have had so much support from so many friends!!!! We are so blessed.
We will be back, we will have another shop!!
This bunny(squirrel) will not be taken out.
Love to you all!!
May you sparkle everyday!!


  1. I am missing your beautiful stores so much! And running out of things to do with my superfluous vintage. Rest assured that when you open another shop (soon, please!) I will have a lovely little pile to pass on to you. Here's hoping things start to look up for you two!

  2. *warm hugs for Vanessa and Warren!* I miss you :( Stay strong though.. as you have ALL of us as your support! We will visit you plenty when you pick up your feet into another shop, rest assured! Also, am very glad to hear that you are both safe and well :)
    Love and prayers, Suyi

  3. Hi to you bunnykins, I have just realised that you guys are in Frankie's Spaces...I thought you looked familiar but those bunny ears threw me! I'm happy to hear you say you will not be taken out...keep thinking like that Ms Bunny x

  4. I miss you guys! and Tete a Tete! :(