Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh dear!!!

Well sweet peas I was hoping to be telling you we had some great news.
Instead it is as it seems to be all the time for us at the moment bad news! We were hoping to open another treasure shop soon but it has all fallen through.
This is the worst of situations, my heart is just aching at the damage and destruction in the shops.
Sorry! Wish it was a happy post!


  1. So gutted for you guys.. and the rest of you Christchurchians.. I remember seeing you in the SPACES mag and not long after the earthquake I got to wondering how your trinkets and treasures - and of course the buildings that house them - stood up to the force..
    I hope things improve down there soon and one day it will all be a horrid memory.

  2. Oh no, I was so looking forwards to hearing your happy news and potentially using up my store credit! I'm so sorry it has fallen through, I hope things start to look up soon because a Christchurch without Tete-a-Tete isn't really the same city.

  3. Sorry to hear it hasn't worked out, but I'm sure you know that whatever your next step, there are lots of loyal customers waiting to come and support you!
    Hope a new opportunity shows up before too long...