Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lunch in the park.

We went and had lunch in the park today, it was lovely and sunny but the wind was very cold. ( that's why I look cold).
I am wearing a 50's foral green day dress, she is homemade. It's one of my always feel comfortable dresses.
Feeling a little smile coming back after a sad day yesterday.


  1. This is from a very relieved Terry in Brisbane.I have been so worried about you both since we spoke that terrible February day.I kept trying your mobile with no success.I stumbled upon this site by accident and it is beyond my wildest dreams. I get to see your lovely face and laugh and cry while I read your wonderful posts.It is just like having a cup of tea with you.Our ChCh homes are mostly OK-all the things we replaced after Boxing Day before we flew home have been replaced again but we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate. Our hearts are breaking for our adopted city and it's amazing people and we send you all our love and support.I wish I was there to give you a big hug.Much love from Terry and Neil to you both.

  2. I like that you call your dress "she"
    Too cool!