Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Green day!

Off for a walk to post mummy day present.
Sorry we are still waiting for some answers to the future. Will post as soon as we have an idea where it may go.
Today I have on a very special dress that was my grandma's. I found it in her wardrobe after she passed away a few years ago. She had never worn it as the sales tags were still attached.
I am wearing it with a black spencer(such a Nanna term), black wool columbine tights, green wool beret and black lace up shoes.
Oh then my great 60's wool green jacket I brought a few weeks ago in a wee opshop in Oxford.

1 comment:

  1. I love your style....I find your blog very inspiring, & the article in Frankie Spaces book. We travel to Christchurch each year for a holiday from Australia & visiting your 2 stores is a highlight! I purchased a sweet bangle from you last year. Fingers crossed that you can re open your beautiful stores soon as I'll be back for a visit in August.