Monday, February 28, 2011

Sad sad Monday shoes!!!

Oh sweetpeas I am so sorry to be only posting now, it has been the most terrible of times!!!
These are the shoes I was wearing on Tuesday when the earthquake hit!
They had to carry me through horrible and dangerous grounds as our beautiful city was shaken to the core.
They have become a reminder of how lucky we have been.
The fate of the shops is an unknown and as much as it breaks my heart to think of all the treasure broken, we are so blessed to not be broken ourselves.
Heavy hearts and lots of tears for all!!!
Warren and I have to rethink our lives and we will be facing many interesting and trying days ahead. V


  1. V, your shoes made me say "whoa". I'm so glad you got out. You're one of the people I thought of almost right away.

    Do you know Justine of Chaos and Collectables? Do you know if she is okay?

    Much love,


  2. Oh so glad you and your partner are ok. I was wondering how you were faring down south. I have fond memories of visiting your shop when i lived in the south island. Even though i only visited a dozen or so times each time was such an adventure and fun experience. You have a wonderful charismatic, creative and positive spirit. I have no doubt that you will get through this awful time. Thinking of you and Christchurch often.

  3. I am so glad to hear you guys are ok! I was so worried about you and your lovely shops.

  4. Oh, sad shoes. But I am so, so relieved they carried you to safety. And to think, hours before the quake I was trying on pretty, impractical snakeskin heels! Was never more pleased to see you two on the riverbank. Take care my friends, Christine X