Sunday, July 24, 2016

Last Sunday.........

As if she knew......

Today on our very last Sunday at
'St Biddies'
we had a magical
white wonderland.

Heavy snow fell for the first time
this winter.

It was the perfect time to reflect on all 
the beautiful memories we have
collected here in our little
church on the hill.

Next weekend we will be 
living in a whole 
new adventure in Dunedin.......

Vanessa & Warren 


  1. I enjoy your winter posts. We're in the middle of a heat wave (temps over 90, heat index over 100)

    Good luck on your new adventure

  2. All the best on your new adventure your wonderful positive sense of spirit will follow you!

  3. You two take the most lovely photos! Snow, we don't get snow in Hamilton, I wish!! Are you taking your chickens on your new adventure? Here's to the next chapter in the Squirrels lives, all the best.

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