Friday, January 31, 2014

When lovely things happen…………….

Hi Sweet-peas…..

A few days ago I shed some tears of pure happiness after Warren and I were given the most wonderful gift by some of the kindest poppets we have ever meet.
This truly wonderful surprise was a very cute furry red taxidermy squirrel…………..squeals of excitement now follow………..eeekkkkkk!!!!!
Look at him!!!!!!!!
He came with the name 'Nutkin' but in celebration of him joining the 'Two Squirrels Vintage' team, we have knighted him……………

'Sir Forrest Norris Nutkin'

Sue, Dorian, Helen and Caitlin.

I am still a little overwhelmed by such an amazing gift.

Some other lovely things that have happened in the last week, we have bought from a very nice man the most amazing vintage pieces.
Beautiful frocks from the 30's to the 70's and some fantastic mens wear.
Mr Warren is wearing one of the check 70's western shirts above.
I have started to bring a few of the dresses in after a bit of TLC and a good wash.
It all very exciting and busy.

Oh the vintage 50's frock and matching bolero I am wearing were a lovely find from 'Tiger Lily' in Omarau, love the pattern……….happy happy dance.

Hoping you all have a special weekend filled with lovely happenings…….

love v


  1. How fitting & perfect to have your own cheeky squirrel. I have no doubt he has found the right home. Loving W's shirt...the Captain will be envious of it & his slim form. And you V look incredible....that frock is simply divine. I love the little tie up feature. Much Love. Xx

  2. Śliczne zdjęcia:)))piękną masz sukienkę:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  3. I love your dress and the squirrel is just so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Norris Nutkin! He's a cutie and that's coming from someone who isn't the biggest fan of taxidermy, so it's praise indeed!
    Gorgeous dress and bolero, and hurray for gifts, and finding brilliant stock and for being busy but happy! xxx

  5. I love your dress...and that adorable stuffed squirrel! A perfect gift for Two Squirrels.

  6. Beautiful beautiful dress and how cute is Sir Forrest! I saw some amazing taxidermy in Paris recently. A whole shop where you could wonder at will amongst tigers, lions, zebras, rabbits and squirrels too! It was very bizarre! xx

  7. What a very sweet little Nutkin and what a glorious frock.

  8. Hello Sir Forrest Norris Nutkin! what a lovely gift, and your dress is just wonderful (I would have happy danced too!) I do like the pics of you in the grass, just so pretty and Mr W's shirt is pretty awesome too x x x have a lovely weekend x x x

  9. AHHHHHH I love Sir Nutkin! He will bring with him loads of luck I'm sure. You look so tranquil and pretty in this frock in that wheat! Wish I could have a lil wonder round your shop.

  10. I adore Sir Nutkin. I do love a bit of taxidermy but it's so expensive here!
    He will bring you loads of luck, I just know it.
    Love your frock and how beautiful you look in it and Warren's looking pretty splendid, too! xxxxx

  11. Look gorgeous! And what a wonderful print on the dress. The squirrel is stinkin cute.

  12. Happy dance indeed! O, what a darling gloriarse gift! Sir Forest Norris Nutkin is a furry little love! The perfect mascot.
    Yay for vintage treats, and yay for you looking so beautiful in the grass with Mr Trouser stalking you!!! Love you! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. Lovely frock my dear and yay for Norris Nutkin, he's gorgeous!!!!
    xx Tani

  14. What a lovely gift for a lovely couple. You both look divine. What excitement - the vintage treasure sounds fabulous - wish I lived closer to Milton!! And happy happy birthday!! xxx

  15. Sir Noris I salute you sir! He's lovely and found a happy forever home.
    A beautiful dress honey xxx

  16. What a beautiful dress and your wee squirrel is so very cute.

  17. That dress is stunning and looks made for you! How exciting to come across so many dress finds...and some as old as the 30s? Now that's a dream! And that squirrel is too cute for words :-)

  18. Hurrah squirrels! What a fun present :D

  19. What fabulous friends you have ... the perfect gift!
    That dress is my favourite of all the gorgeous dresses I have ever seen you in ...
    M x