Sunday, September 22, 2013

So let's have a wee catch-up........

Sorry Sweet-peas........

We have been so very busy I have had very little time to play in blogland, things are crazy at squirrel headquarters as we get closer to opening the new shop.
It's all getting so real with the very large and we hope eye catching signage going up on the squirrels are huge.
 Friday saw us on the road to pick up some interesting treasures to stock the shop, favourite thing
the deer-antlers..........two sets.....fantastic.

Thank you for all the lovely comments, messages and letters wishing us all the best for the opening, its been an amazing journey for these to wee squirrels and this is the start of another adventure........your support means the world to us.
I am tired, excited and a little nervous all rolled into one.
Ok kisses to you all.

love V


  1. OOOh how exciting!!! I know exactly what it feels like, hope it goes brilliantly for you.xxxxxxxxx

  2. Your spotty dress in the first picture is beautiful. I bet the Miltonians are waiting impatiently for your new shop to open.

  3. Ooh best of luck with everything- so far so fab!

  4. That sounds so exciting - the sign looks great!

  5. I picture that not only the shop sign but also the magical marvellous things shown in the shop windows will catch the eyes of the passerbys. I wish you all the best for the new start - you and your shop surely will be an attraction at the place.

  6. Ahhhhhh! Love the sign, and so excited for you two! This is one of my favorite things that I've read on the internet all year. (And Vanessa, your outfits here are so fantastic and inspiring to me, as always.) Cheers to Two Squirrels!

  7. a big kiss back to you. Good luck on your opening

  8. You are looking a total dream!!!
    It's all so bloody exciting! XXX

  9. you look wonderful in your gorgeous dresses, these are exciting times and the shop sign is amazing! x x

  10. Fabulous frockage, darling Miss V! You and Warren are the best advert for your shop, you both look so wonderfully stylish. And look, Warren's even grown antlers for the grand opening, there's dedication for you! All your hard work will be worthwhile, I'm sure - wishing you LOADS of love and luck! xxxx

  11. Darling V you look simply divine in both of those frocks! I love them paired with your boots....SO pretty! And yay to finding some glorious large antlers! Warren looks mighty fine as a deer himself. I loved seeing you both on that bit of road next to the gorge, how we love that area. Much love & best wishes during these next busy weeks. The Squirrels are gonna be HUGE! Xx

  12. You must be so excited about the opening of a new shop. The sign looks great. I love the checked dress and your beret.

  13. Well done to you two busy squirrels! I can't wait to see your new shop all set up, I hope I can come visit and see it IRL sometime soon xoxox

  14. What a gorgeous dress (I think I say that every time I comment don't I?). Good luck with everything. So excited and pleased for you both. xx

  15. You deserve only the best! xxx

  16. Love that cute sign! Sending lots of luck your way ... M x

  17. This is just so exciting for you and your man. I can't wait to see what the shop looks like when fully kitted out. I know it is going to be amazing! xxx

  18. Do you know what V? Yesterday I was photographing a squirrel in my backyard and I went from thinking how cute it is to how cute you are and well my point is my fluffy squirrel neighbors will now always remind me of you and I love that!
    The sign is epic! The antlers and Warren, love, and I wish you both all the best I can muster up.
    You deserve success!
    Love to you both!

  19. So much fun and excitement, so please for you!
    Lovely outfits you are wearing

    Ariane xo

  20. I love the deer antlers! I might give you a call about buying them when you open :-)

  21. Hi V,
    Wow! Great looking shop and squirrel sign. Oh I sometimes wish I lived in New Zealand again, I so miss the antique clothes shops there and I would love your new place. You have both done a fantastic job!
    Look forward to seeing some more of your posts with beautiful items in stock. I hope you will have an online shop too!
    By the way, I am very fond of squirrels and I make pewter squirrel pendants!
    Thank you for your kind words at my blog.
    All the best,
    Jo. xx

  22. HI!!
    I just blogged for the first time in a wee while..
    ANd I just realised I hadn't thanked you for the wonderful parcel.. SO lovely. And generous. xx
    Great to see your adventure happening! How exciting!!
    Big warm happy wishes for fun times @the store! xx

  23. My dearest squirrels, how wonderful is this squirrel sign. And I'm curious about the inside. Waiting for photos! Wishing you the best and more. Lots of success! Lots of love!