Monday, September 2, 2013

Captain Sharples.......I presume........

Hi Sweet-peas......

Do you ever feel like there is something missing from your posts or even life????

Today I was so excited to show you the fabulous 'Captain Sharples' Crown Lynn cups we bought a couple of weeks ago.

80's mens pirate shirt.....tick
70's black velvet waistcoat......tick
60's lace jabot......tick

What would make this work better?????


Eeeeekk I look like my dad......freaky.

Of course Mr Warren needs no assistants in the facial hair department.

Tally Ho and all that chaps......

love V


  1. Oh my God, where did you find those handsome chaps? What a find.

  2. I love these V. And your tashes. Fake and real.

  3. they are crown lynn?!! wow, they are total awesomeness, like you crazy pair xxx

  4. You are gorgeously hilarious.
    What delightful cups.

  5. oh I do like a full sleeve and a frill!!! you look lovely, the facial hair is magnificent! great cups too, eyelashes and moustaches! poetic cups! x

  6. Well, they do say that we are attracted to people who look like ourselves. Or partners grow to look alike... Or like their pets, or something.... Anyhow, I can see that you are taking your admiration for Warren's style to the next level, Miss V! How adorable do you look in your lace and velvet with added tache! Cute mugs too! xxxx

  7. There aren't many women who look fabulous with a 'tashe but you do! xxx

  8. Furry little squirrels with fabulous cups!! xx

  9. Bloody brilliant! Crown Lynn cups that I have never seen before - love it.

  10. Tally Ho, indeed! How splendid, I never imagined Crown Lynn could be soooo funky! Looking very squeezable, the pair of you! Would love to see more of that divoon-ness you are wearing! XXX

  11. Those cups are awesome! These photos are so cute:)

  12. Ah those mugs are fab and perfect for the old cup of Earl Grey methinks!

  13. I totally imagine you and Warren being silly together just like this! Those cups and your stache have me smiling a real happy grin. I needed that and I think you know why. I know we are two very different people Vanessa but I feel like we would be such pals in real life. Your interesting and sweet and I often wonder if you ever cuss;). I know random huh thanks for the love honey, it means a lot to me.

  14. Amor,
    You and Warren are juts so damn cute! love your mustaches.


  15. to answer your question about the jabot, a simple 60s shift dress would be nice with the jabot,non?
    But i find it cute the way you styled it
    Nice pics of you 2 - adorable

    Ariane xo

  16. You are a marvellous pirate!
    Sabine xxx