Dresses ready to hibernate

Easter means it is time to swap over my wardrobe to the winter treasures that have been asleep for summer.
This is a process I do twice a year and it is a great way to meet old friends(frocks, coats etc) and see who wants to stay and who is ready to start a new adventure with someone else.
That would normally mean into the shop, but this year????
Ok so what I do is this:
-two fab old suitcases
-lined with paper
-two lavender bags(from Oxford craft shop)
-washed summer clothes
The lavender bags help to stop the little pests who will chow down on your treasure. (moths & silver fish)
I store the cases on top of my wardrobe where it's warm and dry.
Sometimes I also pop in the little silicon salt satchels you get in boxes just to be extra sure that the case does not get damp.
So good night my sweetpeas, see you in spring.
Now some repairs and alterations on the winter gear!
Hmmm me thinks some have shrunk in storage oops!

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